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Following Information and Tools below is a section containing information and resources identified by different WSSJ Committees, listed by topic area.

After that we have some sample letters submitted by WSSJ members.


Information, tools & resources – practical advice on organizing, advocacy, and event-planning

5 Calls App
Action Network – Online Organizing Tools
Food and Water Watch – Advocates for a democracy that improves people’s lives and protects our environment.
Fuse Washington – the state’s largest Progressive organization
Indivisible Guide
Indivisible – Suggestions for Town Hall Meetings (thank you Susan Brook-Young)
Indivisible Groups, Meetings and Action in the 98310 area
Kitsap Environmental Coalition
Know Your Rights – ACLU Wallet Card – If You Are Stopped for Questioning
Know Your Rights – Demonstrations and Protests – ACLU
My Vote – check the status of your registration and voting history since 2005
Our Revolution
Our States – Choose an issue and pick a state – what legislation is being pursued
Progress Alliance of Washington  – state level advocacy for environmental, economic & social justice issues
Resist Bot
Save Democracy – Information on Actions, Rallies and Protests
Southern Poverty Law Center
The People’s Calendar – This tool can sync directly with your Google Calendar and automatically populate your personal calendar with events based on your preferences and location
The Town Hall Project – find a Town Hall near you
The Sister District Project – helps you find a place to channel your blue energy where it will actually make a difference
Swing Left – Identify swing voting districts in U.S. House races, and join in efforts to turn them blue. (A similar site is Flippable)
The Washington Bus – engaging & empowering next generation leaders here in Washington state
Tips for Talking with Your Representative (thank you Mark Jahnke)
Reclaim Recess Guild


Committee Resources:


Working Washington – Working Washington is a statewide workers organization that fights to raise wages, improve labor standards, and change the conversation about wealth, inequality, and the value of work


Paramount Duty – A non-partisan, grassroots group of parents and allies working to compel the state to amply fund basic education and swiftly fulfill its paramount duty. We envision a future where every child has equitable access to an amply funded basic education
National Education Association – The National Education Association (NEA), the nation’s largest professional employee organization, is committed to advancing the cause of public education.
Washington Education Association – WEA – “Education is a civil right”
Washington State Budget & Policy Center – To use research and analysis to advance the well-being of Washington communities, improve the economic security and social opportunity of all in the state, and support the essential role of government in promoting a just and prosperous society

Dark Money/Voting Rights



Sample Letters

I’m worried that republicans are bent on eliminating the Affordable Care Act (ACA) without a viable bipartisan replacement plan that ensures quality health care for all Americans. Since the ACA took effect in March of 2010 some twenty-two million Americans gained health insurance coverage. An estimated 90 percent of Americans now have insurance, the highest rate of coverage our nation has ever seen. ACA provides wellness visits for the elderly, it fixed the donut hole in Medicare Part D prescription drugs for seniors, it provides health care coverage to people with pre-existing conditions (because it eliminated health care insurers’ pre-existing conditions clauses), and it allows parents the option of keeping their children on their plans until age 26, and it works to assist in drug addiction recovery. An estimated 24,000 lives are saved annually because recipients are not avoiding or delaying treatment for illness, disease and addiction. Hospital losses have slowed dramatically due to the reduction in uninsured care costs. And through it taxpayers are saving trillions of dollars as health care costs are being better managed. These benefits are a matter of public record rather than an opinion or personnel perception.

I’m concerned that republicans will strip or cap some of the financial help low-income families get through expanded Medicaid resulting in fewer people being covered. I’m worried that the proposed republican replacement plan that is still being crafted will be a confusing jumble of vouchers, high risk pools, and tax credits that are not tied to income but rather to age thereby exacerbating the problems of our poorest citizens. I’m anxious that republicans in their haste to make good on their campaign promise of “repeal and replace” will push legislation that compromises health care, cost lives, and enriches the nation’s largest health care insurers and pharmaceutical companies.

I strongly urge you to forcefully engage in the upcoming legislative debates regarding the ACA. The ACA should be improved, not repealed and replaced.

Dennis Cosner