WSSJ Gathering – 7/23/17 Otto Jarstad Park


On Sunday 7/23/17 about 70 members of WSSJ, invited speakers and local musicians gathered for the 1st Annual WSSJ BBQ and fundraiser. We want to express our thanks and appreciation to everyone who participated.

Al Alto
Charlie Parker
Alisha Davis Freeman
Pat Boyle
George Blessing
Jeff Fleming
Pete Byrne
Pedar Sanchez
Willie Woods
Roger Anderson
Scooter Haslip
Ken Rainey
Chris Runyan
PA system provided by Danny Fick.

Bremerton Mayoral Candidate Cary Bozeman
Bremerton Mayoral Candidate Greg Wheeler
Bremerton City Council Candidate Suzanne Griffin
Cheri Van Hoover – Candidate for Jefferson County Hospital Commissioner;
Planned Parenthood
Ray Garrido – Kitsap Immigration Assistance Center
Cory Walster – Civil Survival
Mike Shoemaker – Civil Survival
Rebecca Fraynt – MoveOn Resistance Summer
Airen Lydick – Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ)

Indivisible ACA Call – Part II

The link below is to a recording of the Indivisible call – Defending the ACA – on 3/7/2017.
Indivisible ACA Call – Audio

The call lasted just over an hour and included speakers from:
Families USA
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Planned Parenthood

Here’s a brief index of the call timeline, topics and critical issues:
4:15 –  Medicaid Expansion
8:00 –  Subsidies
10:45 – Example of premiums and deductibles
14:35 – Planned Parenthood (proposed defunding)
19:40 – Importance of a CBO Score
25:10 – Insist on the Same Quality of Care & Protections; tell your ACA story
30:50 – No Score, No Vote
34:15 – The AHCA Bill’s path; Reconciliation (“This bill is the ball game”)
38:25 – Pre-existing conditions
40:04 – Immigrants
42:30 – Transparency
47:19 – Committee Hearings begin tomorrow
52:40 – Maternity Care

The Republican’s proposal, the American Health Care Act, will begin mark-up in committee beginning today. The committees reviewing it are:
House Ways and Means Committee
House Energy and Commerce Committee

GoFundMe Page to Support Leslie Daugs


“While in DC Leslie Daugs (my wife) observed a Senate Judiciary Hearing. Ted Cruz was speaking about the wonderfulness of Jeff Sessions and it is OK for guys to high five, cheer “yes” with fist pumps. When Leslie finally gets fed up with the bro’s in front of her and says “This is Bullshit” too loud it leads to an arrest for disrupting congress. She did not shout it and she did not make a ruckus.  She did speak “Bullshit” to power

She was immediately removed from her chair and taken from the room. Subsequently, handcuffed in a paddy wagon and handcuffed to a bench in the police station. That wasnt enough. They are prosecuting her for speaking to the frustration of many of us.

So if you have wealth and position and power you can lie, steal and profane with impunity. If you are the ordinary worthless person and you express your frustrations you shall be made to bow down in humble obedience.

Leslie lives in Washington State, She now has the expenses of traveling back across the country for court and legal expenses. If found guilty there will be fines and up to six months in jail. The price for speaking to all of our frustration.

Funds raised will only be used for expenses related to traveling to DC and defending herself in court. Any excess funds will be donated to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) & the Human Rights Campaign (HRC).”

GoFundMe Page

5 Calls App for Android Phones

Below is a link to the 5 Calls app in the Google Play Store. The is an app for Android phones that can not only assist you in calling your MoC’s about particular issues, it will track who you’ve spoken to and what issues were covered. It will also suggest other issues you might want to investigate.

5 Calls App – Google Play Store

A Huffington Post Article about the app said:

5 Calls encourages progressives to make five phone calls in five minutes on key topics such as Cabinet appointments, the border wall and immigration. Just enter a zip code, and the left-leaning website will provide a list of names, phone numbers and even short scripts.

“We do the research for each issue, determining out which representatives are most influential for which topic, collecting phone numbers for those offices and writing scripts that clearly articulate a progressive position,” the website states. “You just have to call.”

Each call should take a minute, or less.

While many voters like to email or leave Facebook messages for their representatives, there’s evidence that phone calls are the best way to influence lawmakers. Early this year, House Republicans abandoned an attempt to cripple their ethics watchdog amid a flood of angry phone calls. And last year, a former Congressional staffer said the most effective way to contact a representative was with a phone call.