How West Sound for Social Justice (WSSJ) started….

WSSJ was formed by a group of concerned and like minded citizens during an informal meeting on January 16th of 2017. Our shared mission is one of education through fact based information and the engaging of a critical thought process when presented with important decisions regarding the “general welfare” of “we the people.”

WSSJ is open to anyone who wants to work towards a better society through the sharing of fact-based knowledge and through critical thinking and dialogue.

Our Purpose:
Through focused research and critical thought, we advocate policies that promote the general welfare of all people.

Our Vision:
A county, state and nation better suited to support the pursuit of happiness for all.

Our focus and plan of action:
We now have over 300 members who are committed to work at various levels of involvement. Issues on the environment, civil, LGBTQ & women’s rights, healthcare, immigration, education, racial, judicial & economic justice are all being focused on. We also are scrutinizing pending and proposed legislation. We vigilantly monitor the actions of our elected public servants, and let them know we hold them accountable.

Our actions are based on the “Indivisible” practical guide on resisting the Trump agenda. Not only do we share fact based information to educate ourselves on what is occurring in our country, we organize email, snail mail, telephonic and personal contact with our elected representatives and members of Congress (MoCs). Ready to act? What causes are you most passionate about? What kind of time do you have to spare?


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