The link below is to a recording of the Indivisible call – Defending the ACA – on 3/7/2017.
Indivisible ACA Call – Audio

The call lasted just over an hour and included speakers from:
Families USA
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Planned Parenthood

Here’s a brief index of the call timeline, topics and critical issues:
4:15 –  Medicaid Expansion
8:00 –  Subsidies
10:45 – Example of premiums and deductibles
14:35 – Planned Parenthood (proposed defunding)
19:40 – Importance of a CBO Score
25:10 – Insist on the Same Quality of Care & Protections; tell your ACA story
30:50 – No Score, No Vote
34:15 – The AHCA Bill’s path; Reconciliation (“This bill is the ball game”)
38:25 – Pre-existing conditions
40:04 – Immigrants
42:30 – Transparency
47:19 – Committee Hearings begin tomorrow
52:40 – Maternity Care

The Republican’s proposal, the American Health Care Act, will begin mark-up in committee beginning today. The committees reviewing it are:
House Ways and Means Committee
House Energy and Commerce Committee

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