“While in DC Leslie Daugs (my wife) observed a Senate Judiciary Hearing. Ted Cruz was speaking about the wonderfulness of Jeff Sessions and it is OK for guys to high five, cheer “yes” with fist pumps. When Leslie finally gets fed up with the bro’s in front of her and says “This is Bullshit” too loud it leads to an arrest for disrupting congress. She did not shout it and she did not make a ruckus.  She did speak “Bullshit” to power

She was immediately removed from her chair and taken from the room. Subsequently, handcuffed in a paddy wagon and handcuffed to a bench in the police station. That wasnt enough. They are prosecuting her for speaking to the frustration of many of us.

So if you have wealth and position and power you can lie, steal and profane with impunity. If you are the ordinary worthless person and you express your frustrations you shall be made to bow down in humble obedience.

Leslie lives in Washington State, She now has the expenses of traveling back across the country for court and legal expenses. If found guilty there will be fines and up to six months in jail. The price for speaking to all of our frustration.

Funds raised will only be used for expenses related to traveling to DC and defending herself in court. Any excess funds will be donated to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) & the Human Rights Campaign (HRC).”

GoFundMe Page

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