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We hope that this site will be a place where we can share information, resources and contacts with each other and with other progressive individuals and/or groups. We encourage all of you to be a contributor to the site in any way you can.


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Beginning Thursday, August 24th, West Sound for Social Justice is pleased to take over as host of “Sustainable Cinema”, a film series that highlights a wide range of contemporary social and political issues. “Sustainable Cinema” is sponsored by Kitsap County Commissioner Charlotte Garrido, with the venue provided by Dragonfly Cinema, located at 822 Bay Street, Port Orchard. Films will typically run from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm, with admission by donation.

A different film will be screened on the fourth Thursday of each month, and time permitting, will include guest speakers, opportunities for discussion and/or additional information on the topic.

We’ll post a schedule of films several months out on this page and on the WSSJ Calendar.  If we find a film that seems particularly relevant to a specific topical issue, we may alter the schedule.

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This month’s film is “Fix It, Healthcare at the Tipping Point”. The screening will be followed by guest speaker, Peter Lucas, M.D. He is the former Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA, and is currently Director of Mental Health at and Consulting Psychiatrist at Peninsula Community Health Centers. Dr. Lucas will share information about a proposed Washington Health Security Trust, a fund that would be dedicated to paying for health services for all Washington residents.

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Click on the links below for additional materials provided by the filmmakers.
The first is a pdf with some great, illustrative charts, graphs and data on our healthcare system.

The second is a Tri-Fold brochure that can be printed and distributed.

Fix It By-The-Numbers-Brochure

FIX-IT-Tri-Fold Brochure