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Collectively, we raised $252.00 and approximately 300 lbs. of food for distribution between Bremerton Foodline, Bremerton Backpack Brigade, and StandUp For Kids.


Here is the video of the event, filmed, edited and produced by Bremerton-Kitsap Access Television (BKAT TV)

In addition, BKAT has also produced the outstanding video below – Homelessness in Kitsap – Myths and Realities

All of the Power Point presentations, and other information presented at the forum is available to view and/or download in pdf form below:

We were pleased to have special musical guest, Rick Cortes at the event as well. Rick is an acoustic guitarist / singer / songwriter who arrived in Bremerton over a decade ago intent on starting a new life, but soon found himself homeless. His experiences moved him toward music with a conscience, and together with his “forever sweetheart” and co-writer Lana Taylor, he penned songs addressing societal injustices, including “Broken Man,” a song submitted for Richard LeMieux’s Breakfast at Sally’s film project. Retired from the Bremerton School District, Rick currently serves as a staff member at Benedict House.

Listen to some of Rick’s music below:

Interstate 45

Keeper of the Flame

Matters of the Heart

Broken Man






Kitsap Homelessness – It’s About Us – Event Page

To find out more about the current status of homelessness and affordable housing in Kitsap County, check out some of the documents and links below.

These documents also include a summary of related legislation passed in Washington state this last session, a Fact Sheet on Homelessness and Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders, an update on the Kitsap County Homeless Housing Plan, and a White Paper and PowerPoint presentation on Tiny Houses as one approach to addressing homelessness.

Presentation on Homelessness and Affordable Housing in Kitsap County by Kurt Wiest, Bremerton Housing Authority (pdf version)

Presentation on Homelessness and Affordable Housing in Kitsap County by Kurt Wiest, Bremerton Housing Authority (PowerPoint version)

2018 Legislation Summary

2017 Annual Dashboard – Kitsap Homeless Response System Performance

Kitsap Homeless Housing Plan – 2018 Update

Fact Sheet on Homelessness, Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders

Tiny Homes White Paper

Kitsap Tiny Cottage Villages 10-16-17

Governor’s Initiative on Affordable Housing & Homelessness — (video)

Kitsap Homelessness Event PowerPoint – Monica Bernhard – KMHS

Kitsap Homelessness Event – WSSJ PowerPoint

How To Help People Living Homeless – December 2017